Coaching Services and the Enneagram

Coaching is about the interaction between attitude, ability and action.

Coaching is the skill that determines managerial success in the achievement of organisational and team outcomes through people. It is the glue of getting personal engagement with the organisation. You can only coach to a question - only by asking "how would you do that?" can you establish whether the goal is understood and whether the person has the motivation and capacity to achieve it. 

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific offers workshops and coaching using the Enneagram which enables  an understanding of our reactive patterns, develops our perceptive capacity and opens us up to our creative potential. We focus on developing self insight, integrating work/life roles, encouraging self-directed learning, developing situational versatility and applying collaboration skills.  

The Enneagram is now used widely throughout the world to support personal development, personal coaching, personal counselling, team development, leadership development, conflict management, personal therapy, relationship counselling and spiritual development. The universal reputation of the Enneagram arises from its highly intuitive, yet practical, feel. It reflects the experience we have of our personality as a dynamic and ever moving set of reactions to our world. Yet it recognises our personality is about a core pattern that gives us our secure sense of identity.

The Enneagram of Pathways 

The Ennegram of Pathways (a.k.a. the Process Enneagram) is a living "map" that provides an understanding of the three faces of Self - your Reactive Self, your Perceptive Self and your Creative Self. It allows you to  discover your latent potential and your life purpose.

 The nine dots of personal development that are used as the foundation for our self-directed learning process are:

  • Problems - identifying the types of problems that form repeating patterns
  • Performance - recognising the way you define success and failure 
  • Perspective - standing back from yourself and seeing the bigger picture 
  • Perception - developing an understanding of your limiting beliefs 
  • Potential - embracing your natural competence
  • Purpose - developing a creative sense of your life purpose 
  • Possibilities - seeing new  ways to grow and develop your potential 
  • Priorities - identifying what is important as life goals
  • Presence - being at one with what's going on in the moment 

These nine dots are connected in ways that provide you with multiple development pathways that move you from a reactive to a perceptive, and then to a creative response, to your own self-talk and to the feedback you receive from the environment and others in it.

You can view our unique Enneagram of Pathways by clicking on the attachment below.

 The Enneagram of Patterns

The Enneagram of Patterns (a.k.a the Personality Enneagram) is a profound, elegant, and pragmatic approach to understanding people and their relationships. Based on classical sources and validated by research, it describes "nine dots" of personality patterns or nine different attitudes that determine what each of us give attention to in the world. Each of the nine patterns has its own natural gifts, limitations and blind spots - each has its own distinctive patterns of sensing, intuiting, thinking and feeling which we have correlated with the "flexing" capacity of Jungian and Myers Briggs attitudes and functions based on our view that personality is dynaimc rather than static.

In our self-insight learning process you use the Enneagram and Jungian attitudes and functions to provide deeper insights into the emotional fixations of your Reactive Self and discover ways of developing your Perceptive Self. You are then open to engage the self generating connection of your Creative Self to the whole living cosmos - by developing your connection to your potential and purpose that is made possible by the insights available in the unique dynamics of the Enneagram.

The Enneagram also teaches you in practical ways to see the world as others see it. It enables you to appreciate what others value and what they do not, and why they think, feel and act the way they do. When you are aware of the Enneagram pattern of the people in your life, you can respond to their underlying pattern of motivation, instead of getting caught up in their sometimes difficult or confounding behaviour. You can respond, rather than react, in a way that can be heard. You can move from blame to responsibility.

You can view our unique Enneagram of Patterns by clicking on the attachment below.


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