COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific exists to expand possibilities for our clients by developing their strategic mindspace, leadership practices, learning and development systems and human resource capabilities.


Our Business Philosophy 

Our business philosophy is based on our experience that personal, team and enterprise results and reputation are directly related to the quality of conversations that people have within and outside the organisation: the quality of the living interactions that occur on a day to day basis.  Our aim is focused on expanding possibilities for our clients through high quality conversations: conversations that are directed by a shared understanding of the strategic imperatives of the enterprise, by perceptive leadership practices and by self directed learning and development. 

We are committed to the idea that people are the source of creative potential of organisations and the leadership behaviours and strategic context of their day to day conversations determines whether that potential is realised: what they give attention to, what they know, how they embrace and adapt to change and what feedback they get and give.

Our integrated business model can be seen by clicking of the attachment tab below.

Our integrated business model is focused on the the four key drivers of human resource strategy: 

  • Contribution (Performance Management),
  • Attraction (Capability Management),
  • Retention (Career-Choice Management),
  • Engagement (Climate Management).
We call this our Strategic C.A.R.E. framework. 

These strategic human resource drivers are integrated with four key drivers of personal motivation -

  • Personal know-how,
  • Personal growth,
  • Personal meaning and
  • Personal autonomy 

providing the connection between organisation, team and personal development.

The specific strategic consulting services we offer in relation to those key shapers of the organisational context are:
  • Customised Leadership Development Programs
  • Tailored Strategy Facilitation and Workshop Design Services
  • Organisation Development and Knowledge Management Services
We focus our strategic consulting services on the alignment of leadership behaviour, enterprise strategies and policies and human resource strategies and policies as these provide the context for the multi-level conversations that take place in organisations on a day to day basis.
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The specific development consulting services we offer are: 
  • Behaviour-based Learning and Development Feedback Systems
  • Management and Team Leader Coaching and Mentoring Services
  • Learning Team Development Workshops
  • Human Resources Planning and Career Planning Services

Our approach enables you to enhance the four important conversations that need to be encouraged - the competence conversation, the development conversation, the work preference conversation and the role growth conversation.

Our approach emphasises the importance of getting alignment between the strategic context and the personal motivations of your team members so that there is consistency between the messages that managers give and the meaning team members give to them in their day to day conversations.
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