Learning and Development Systems

Learning is about the interaction between performance, capability and leadership behaviour.  

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific design customisable on-line behaviour-based feedback tools and processes aimed at integrating performance management and capability development through self-directed learning. Our tools and processes can be interfaced with your present human resource management systems or operate as stand alone support tools and processes for managers and team members to use in day to day interactions. 

S-DL L$D Model

The capacity of an oreganisation to translate its values and vision into reputation and results is determined by the level of engagement its people have with the organisation. We propose that the level of employee engagement is determined by the way the the natural awareness-attention-action-achievement cycle of each individual is influenced by the three key drivefrs for translating values and vision into reputation and rsults:

  • the organisation leadership behaviours
  • the organisation learning and devlopment system
  • the organisation performance management syste

The tendency for organisations to focus in a narrow way on the performance management system is a manifestation of the dominance of financial measures in measuring success - however they only measure what has already happened and are the least useful in getting people's engagement with the organisation's values and vision. Performance is a function of capability and context and so we need to focus on what creates value from a capability and context perspective rather than just react to past shortcomings. Engagement is the foundation of value creation.

We have developed a focus on leadership behaviours (context) and the organisation learning system (capability) as the key building blocks of engagement.

Learning is as natural as breathing. We all have a natural awareness-attention-action-achievement learning cycle. Learning occurs by immersion so what we are immersed in is the key to understanding this natural inclination to engage with our environment. Learning occurs through feedback loops. This means any outcomes focused learning system needs to have built in feedback loops that focus on behaviours that are likely to enhace the prospects of success.

Organisation success is about the translation of values and vision into reputation and results. We have developed a customisable behaviour-based feedback system that underpins both values aligned leadership behaviours and values and vision aligned role behaviours.

We can assist you in translating values and vision into behaviours that rpvide the organisation specific behaviourla context for the role demands of each manager and team member. These organisation specific behaviours are then translated into the five research based key behaviour clusters that determine the performance outcomes of the role:

  • Managing self
  • Managing organisation values
  • Managing relationships
  • Managing process
  • Managing technical tasks

The on-line email driven system is designed to provide feedback form an optional number of role stakeholders - self, manager, peers, team members and customers and generates an on-line feedback report that reflects the ideal and actual behaviours of the role that enables a learning and development discussion to focus on the personal dimensions of vision and values translation:

  • Role growth opportunities
  • Development needs
  • Talents and strengths
  • Perception gaps

The system provides customised behaviour-based feedback reports at two levels:

  • Leadership behaviours - aimed at senior and middle managers
  • Role behaviours - aimed at team leaders and team members

The first provides the values translation signals and the second integrates the values and vision signals into specific role demands and provides the structure for the organisation, team and personal development focus of the organisation.

The key to employee engagement is in tapping into and focusing on the natural learning cycle of each person by managing the feedback context and content so that the values and vision translation into reputation and results is seen as a natural learning and development activity rather than a change management "project". It is a part of what every team member does rather than an off-line project.

The system implementation is supported by a half day familiarisation and coaching workshop and has an admininistration module that enables you to manage feedback responses.

Our S-DL Systems Implementation brief can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.

You can access and experience our 'try it and see' FREE feedback questionnaire at:


using the password 'feedback'.

A sample 360 Feedback Leadership Development Report - Manager and Self only can be viewed by clicking on the attached PDF below. All reports are customisable to meet your organisation's and the role behaviour profile.

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific works with you to ensure your organisation development and knowledge management initiatives are translated into behaviours at the personal and role level of the enterprise. We help you put in place a set of relationships and systems that have a built in "adaptive capacity" and that naturally lead to idea generation that supports collaborative process and product innovation.

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