Strategy Facilitation

Strategy is about the interaction between the past, present and future.

Strategy provides contextual focus for people. People are the source of the creative potential of organisations and the strategic context of their day to day conversations determines whether that potential is realised: what they give attention to, what they know, how they embrace and adapt to change and what feedback they get all occurs within the organisation's strategic 'container'. We enlarge the strategic 'container' of management teams by bringing insights about the dynamics of emerging trends to our strategy facilitation process.


COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific provides clients with strategy facilitation that expands and integrates their strategic mindspace. We also provide value chain and fast moving consumer goods strategy education using the internationally acclaimed simulation STOREWARS.We have developed a model for understanding the complexity of the enterprise environment and core enterprise drivers of success and they are illustrated in our Dynamic Strategy Model©. This framework enables you to stand back from your enterprise and gain an understanding of the strategic context that you are operating in and that need to be surfaced as strategies so that they can become part of the day to day converstaions of the enterprise.

The four contemporary business strategy drivers that provide the context for high quality conversations at the executive level are: 

  • value delivery (how do we contribute to stakeholder success) 
  • value creation (how do we find innovative ways to improve our contribution to stakeholders)
  • stakeholder engagement (how do we build 'life-time' value relationships with stakeholders)
  • risk management (how do we ensure business continuity)
COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific approach embraces the importance of solving real business problems in the context of strategy and as a driver of personal engagement with and contribution to your organisation: the foundation of attraction and retention of valued team members. 
We understand the importance of strategy as a driver of cross functional cooperation and innovation and the development of knowledge networks and communities of practice. Our Dynamic Strategy Map© provides the "container" for applying the the tools, processes and facilitation skills we offer that in turn create a shared understanding organisational context and enable the collaborative development the four key sustainable growth strategies - value delivery, value creation, stakeholder engagement and risk managment. An expanded version of the model can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.



We have a special interest in the Agriculture and Food Value Chain and in Fast Moving Consumer Goods Strategy and are the Australasian facilitators of the highly acclaimed STOREWARS FMCG simulation that was developed at INSEAD, Eurpoe's premier business school. Our Value Chain Knowledge Management Framework provides the foundation for our stratgey education services and is shown below.
Our value chain education is anchored in a dynamic, live action total business management simulation called Storewars, where participants take charge of a $100 million virtual company, develop strategies, negotiate and make decisions that determine its success. In each program, 18-35 participants divide into 5 teams, take control of 2 retailing and 3 manufacturing companies, which they manage for a virtual period of 2 years. During the 3-5 day course, the teams compete and interact to capture market share and drive value in their businesses. Key learning is reinforced through detailed coaching & feedback on the impact of strategic and tactical decisions made during the simulation. Additionally there are breakout lectures and sessions that relate the lessons back to real market issues.
 Key learning objectives include:
General skills
  • Total business management: managing company resources to reach market goals
  • Creating & implementing company, market, product & customer strategies
  • Transforming information & data into profitable decisions
  • Effective strategic & tactical decision making
  • Working in multifunctional teams
  • ‘Soft & hard' negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Emotional Intelligence development
Specialist skills
  • Retailer strategy & tactics
  • Manufacturer strategy & tactics
  • Category management
  • Consumer segmentation
  • New product development & launch
  • Private label management
  • Understanding the drivers in the retailer-manufacturer relationship
  • Establishing mutually profitable trading relationships
  • Understanding consumer & shopper marketing
  • Brand power & store power: managing mindspace & shelfspace
As well as a management development programme, Storewars is also regularly used for team-building; trade partner networking & development; as well as for management assessment & recruitment.
A typical three and a half day residential program format can be viewed by clicking on the Storewars Program attachment below.
Further information about the simulation can be obtained by visiting the global Storewars website at or contacting us to recieve a discussion brief, using the Contact Us form on this site.




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