Human Resource Advisory Services

Human Resource Support is about enhancing the interaction between managers, team members and customers 

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific provides an integrated approach to the design, development and deployment of human resource strategies that enable you to attract high quality people, engage them in the values the enterprise and have them contribute to the vison of the enterprise. Our approach reflects the four key outcomes that high quality people seek from their work - know-how, growth, meaning and autonomy. Our Business Model provides the framework for ensuring that the balance between the enterprise needs and the individuals needs are integrated and optimised.

We offer a comprehensive advisory service to small and medium size businesses that do not have the capacity in-house to access strategic human resource capabilities. These services include selection tools and advice, remuneration and benefits options, learning and development plans, management development especially in coaching team members, career counselling and performance management feedback systems.


We are the South Australian distributors of the range of Geier Learning Systems selection tools and instruments including:

  • DISC Personality Factor Profile
  • DISC Job Factor Profile
  • FACTOR Baseline Report - Job Benchmark
  • FACTOR Indicative Report - Person/Job Match
  • FACTOR Performance Report

The Geier Learning Systems tools and instruments are based on the well known DISC model that Dr John Geier has developed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the attitiudes and behaviours required in a job and the likely attitudes and behaviours of a job holder. He has further developed the DISC model to provide a very useful way of matching jobs and candidates using a six factor approach called FACTOR after the key attributes that are measured, namely, the degrees of Flexibility, Assertiveness, Creativeness, Teamness, Optimism and Reasonableness that are demanded by the job and exhibited by the person. Each of these six FACTOR zones are divided into four aligned attitude and behaviour characteristics that enable you to frame appropriate interview questions based on the job FACTOR profile and check the interview outcomes against the individual's FACTOR behaviours and attitudes for further exploration. We provide consulting and coaching support to assist you in the selection process aimed at getting the best person/job fit.

A copy of sample reports can be veiwed by clicking on them below.

Learning and Development

We have developed a self directed learning approach to team leader and management development using an action learning workbook based approach that connects the learning with the work environment. We ensure that the learning and development process provides you with a clear and measurable return on your investment and places the responsibility for learning with the learner. Our coaching services and half day workshops, mentioned elswhere, provide managers with the skills to encourage our self directed learning model.

The Action Learning Worksbooks cover the following topics:

Allocating work
Coaching for improved performance
Developing individuals
Developing people through mentoring
Developing yourself
Learning to learn
Managing budgets
Managing change
Managing information
Managing stress positively
Managing successful projects
Managing the pressure 
Meetings & Negotiations
Organisational finance
Problem solving & decision making
Recruting the team
Selecting the right people
Team building
Team leadership
Verbal communication
Written communication
You and your customer

Remuneration and Benefits

We have a role evaluation tool that enable you to make clear distinctions between the three drivers of remuneration and benefits: external equity (how am I rewarded compared to others doing similar work in the market place), internal equity (how am I doing compared with people doing similar work inside this organisation) and performance equity (how am rewarded based on my comparative conribution to this organisation's results). This tool is easy to use and complements the ranking and rating process that may be used either with some structure or more instinctively now and provides a basis for a more rational remuneration discussion.

Other HR Advisory Services

Our other human resource advisory services can be found at the relevant tab on this site.

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