Organisation Development and Knowledge Management

Organisation Development is about the interaction between organisation culture, organisation structure and organisation learning systems.

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific focuses its organisation development approach on developing knowledge management strategies and continuous improvement skills, tools and processes.

Our behavioural approach to organisation development puts people at the centre of knowledge management and continuous improvement by recognising the four key personal motivations of people:  

  • Personal know-how, 
  • Personal growth,
  • Personal meaning ,
  • Personal autonomy.

Our primary organisation development focus is on knowledge management strategies where we use the three main knowledge domains of Personal Competence, Structural Knowledge and Customer Knowledge, and the knowledge flows that occur between these domains, developed by Karl-Erik Sveiby. Our approach is initially educational and we use the insightful and universally acclaimed Celemi tool K-MapTM to customise our approach to your organisational context. We are also accredited to provide workshops based on the highly regarded TangoTM simulation. Tango can be used at the strategic level of organizations to review and or develop a vision for the organization. At this level, Tango can be used to challenge traditional assumptions about the nature of the organization and the appropriate measures of success. Tango can also be used at the management level of organizations to challenge assumptions about what is to be managed in organizations and to explore new tools for managing. It can also be used as a leadership development tool for middle and senior level managers. It provides insight into the strategic role of intangible assets in the organisation and how these can be leveraged to improve the success of the organization.

You can view an example of the silmulation on YouTube at to get a feel for the collaborative dynamics of a simulated knowledge management learning environment. 

The aim of developing a knowledge centred approach to organisation development is to create an broad based awareness of the potential of applying the intangible assets of the organisation to achieving more efficient, effective and expansive outcomes for customers and stakeholders and at the same time attracting, engaging and retaining staff.

Our secondary organisation development focus is on people centred continuous improvement. People are encouraged to focus on the job role and on improving the context in which their job role operates by continuously improving four capability drivers:

  • their own continuous improvement skills and knowledge
  • the value delivery processes that impact on their job role
  • the value delivery tools and technologies that impact on their job role
  • the information and knowledge flows that impact of their job role

which means that a person's responsibility is directed at getting the outcomes of the job role by "doing their job" and "improving the context in which their job is done". This approach speaks clearly to the four personal motivations that are mentioned above and creates a contributing, engaged team member.

We therefore focus on giving people the skills, knowledge, processes and tools that underpin continuous improvement based on a central problem solving discipline that enables cooperation and collaboration with others.

Our strategic knowledge management and people-centred continuous improvment alignment approach to the implementation of enterprise-wide organisation development strategy ensures that collective learning becomes a key value that underpins in value delivery to internal and external customers.