About us

COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific is an Adelaide based globally networked organisation, team and personal development consultancy, with clients in the Asia-Pacific region. We facilitate strategy, develop leadership capability, develop team collaboration and provide personal coaching and mentoring services that focus on organisations, teams and individuals as living social systems of interactions. We believe interactive real-time learning is the foundation of sustainable personal, team and organisation contribution and growth. We know that managers largely determine the climate of engagement a business has with its staff, customers and communities who in turn determine its results and reputation. Our approach emphasises the role of  managers in interactive learning and has a strong focus on the relationship between business strategy, team climate and personal attitude toward change and choice.

We have clients in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Hong Kong and China in a wide range of sectors including agriculture and food, education, health, psychiatric services, media, environmental, fast moving consumer goods and not-for-profit. 

  Ian Cogdell

 Ian Cogdell is the Managing Director of COGDELL consulting Asia Pacific. Ian has had extensive practical experience in senior management roles in the private and public sectors. He is a former Director of Knowledge Management at Mt Eliza Centre for Executive Education, Melbourne Business School and has taught on their Executive MBA program. He is an executive coach and mentor. He is highly regarded for his insightful, engaging, challenging and conceptually sound yet practical approach to strategy facilitation, leadership and team development and personal coaching. He is an astute observer of emerging trends and is a member of the World Futures Society.